UFO Sightings Near Me

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UFO Sightings Near Me

UFO Sightings Near Me


We've gotten between 1,000 and 2,000 reports of UFO Sightings Near Me. We can determine that the recent ufo sightings are in no way shape or form linked to any secret development by any government department of the United States of America. Now, with that many stars, you tell me there can't be life. You know there has to be. I always believed there had to be life someplace else, but I read an awful lot of the x-files other than that.

You know this was not exactly my forte, but we started seeing these UFO Sightings Near Me, and once you've seen these things you get obsessed with it. You want to see more and more and more. I was born and raised in the Denver area and lived in Wheat Ridge most of my life. Then I moved to Golden and lived on a little mini farm there. For 22 years I started looking for property and found the property here in the San Luis valley, took our little herd of cows and our paint horses down here to the valley.   

ufo sightings near me

We came well struggled with cows and horses that don't eat sand real. Well from the time I moved here, all I heard were ufo stories and UFO Sightings Near Me from the locals and I just giggle and say we need a ufo read tower, never thinking I would ever do it. I was working at the gas station in Hooper and one of the farmers came in one day and he said you need to put up that. Ufo read tower you'd have fun, so I did and I've had fun.

It's been going for 20 years and I don't know where the time has gone. It's phenomenal at night. You can seemingly witness every star in outer space. A read tower is a place for people to go to discuss the ufo phenomena without being made fun of you, get lots and lots of people who have had experiences, but they can't talk about it. When I first opened this topic of UFO Sightings Near Me, the psychics started coming and they've all said. The same thing, there are two large vortexes out front: the vortexes are full of energy, so I tell folks to leave something in the garden and get energy here as well.

The san Luis valley in southern Colorado is a hot spot if you're looking at the right time, you're going to see something, they've had documented sightings in this valley. Since the 1500s, there are more UFO Sightings Near Me here per capita on average than any other place on earth. Now why they're coming here, we don't know I've seen 29., the closest one was between here in the mountains and partway down. I call the cigar-shaped, it was narrow, really long and it went zip like that.

UFO Sightings Near Me...It was 11 o'clock at night we had under a couple of dozen people. Here, everybody saw it. I've got a farmer friend and her grandfather used to talk about the train light that would come through music pass over here. There are no trains over a music pass. You can't even get there, except on horseback that was from in the 40s. Some say that there's an E.T base in mount Blanca over here could be lots of activity over there.

I never imagined doing this, and now I think why didn't you do it sooner? It has turned out to be such a special thing in my life. I want them to land and once they land we can sit down and have a chat and figure all of this stuff out.