Christol Alchemy...The  Alchemy  Of  The  Christ part 2

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Christol Alchemy...The Alchemy Of The Christ part 2

Secret Societies run and controlled by Global Elites have indoctrinated humanity into looking for someone outside of themselves to SAVE them from their sins. From the Alchemical perspective...God is Aether...Aether is the basis of all life in existence. The Demonic Draco Illuminati bloodlines created the Christian Religion in order to brainwash and indoctrinate the masses into accepting Sadomasochistic Torture. The Alchemical symbol of Christ dying on the cross is in reality a Demonic Symbol where these Illuminati Demons trap the Aetheric Energy of True God into a human body in order to get vengeance against the very God that cut them off and trapped their demonic souls here on earth to prevent these Demons from creating havoc to the rest of the Universe.

These Demons that run the world are attempting to use the CERN hadron collider to open portals for the purpose of trapping Dark Aetheric True God Energy into this physical Realm. This True God Energy is to be trapped into a physical human body via Human cloning. Once True God's Energy is trapped into a Cloned physical body, this clone that houses the Aetheric Energy of True God is to be tortured and made to bleed so these Demons can FEED!! This lecture breaks down the AETHERIC SCIENCE OF ALCHEMY AND THE TRUE MEANING OF "THE CHRIST".