Jesus and The letter J Conspiracy...Facts Your Preacher Never Mentions In Church

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Jesus and The letter J Conspiracy...Facts Your Preacher Never Mentions In Church


Did you know that 500 years ago the letter J did not exist in any language? 

Repeat!! There was no letter J in the English alphabet prior to the year 1600!! We need to thoroughly investigate this...we must expose this fictitious money game that the unsuspecting public is completely oblivious to. The Christian Church along with other Religions across the globe rake in countless Billions of Dollars of tax-free revenue on a yearly basis. According to the website, The Catholic Church has over 1 billion members and is said to be worth $30 Billion. Hmmmmmm!!! Something seems very odd about this dollar figure. These numbers simply don't sit right with me. If $30 billion dollars is correct then this means each member has contributed on average a mere $30. Let's take a look at Islam. According to, Islam is worth $1.6 trillion. Yet this same website ranks the Roman Catholic Church as the wealthiest religion on the planet. Now how could the Catholic Church be the wealthiest religion on the planet and at the same time be worth only $30 Billion? SOMETHING SOUNDS VERY FISHY!! Whether it be $30 billion or $30 trillion....RELIGION IS BIG BUSINESS!!
Ok, so what? Religion rakes in a ton of money. What's the big deal? The big deal leads back to the premise of this article. THE LETTER 'J'! The whole Jesus concept states that in order to receive passageway into heaven you must submit to Jesus Christ or else you'll meet your doom of suffering for eternity in some so-called fire pit of hell and damnation. This sounds like some sort of threat if you ask me!! Either submit or suffer grave consequences. This sounds similar to threats that a mob boss makes when extorting money from some local grocer doing business on the so-called mob turf. And the center of all of it all is this man named "Jesus" who supposedly died for everyone's sins 2000 years ago!! Here's the problem to that whole scenario....THERE WAS NO LETTER "J' IN ANY ALPHABET ON THE PLANET PRIOR TO THE YEAR 1524!! In other words...prior to the year 1524 it's IMPOSSIBLE for a man named "Jesus" to have ever existed! Why? Because the letter "J" did not exist!! So the question now becomes....WHAT WAS THIS CHRIST THAT WE CALL "JESUS" ACTUAL NAME? UH comes to the runaround and head games that these 'Jesus" apologists are about to conjure up.

What will happen to all those billions of dollars the Catholic Church collects if it was ever found out that this cash cow called "Jesus" was, in fact, a FRAUD? Therefore in order to keep this scam afloat, countermeasures must be implemented. No way on planet earth is the Catholic Church going to allow $30 billion fall off to the wayside? Therefore let's let the head games begin!! The first head game the "Jesus" "spin doctors" are going to implement is the name "Jesus" comes from the Greek Translation "Iesous". Then these "Jesus" spin-doctors will tell you that Jesus is in fact "Joshua" AKA "Yeshua". Prior to the year 1524 Jesus was in Fact "Iesous'. according to Greek Translation of the Hebrew Bible. The problem with this is the fact that the Greeks DID NOT WRITE THE BIBLE!! THE HEBREWS WROTE THE BIBLE USING THE HEBREW LANGUAGE!! The Greeks only Translated the Bible from Hebrew into Greek. Nowhere in the Hebrew Bible is the Messiah named Jesus!! The Messiah of the Hebrew Bible was named "YESHUA" which the English translation is "JOSHUA"...NOT "JESUS"!! What's even more ridiculous is the fact that when you look up the Greek name for "Joshua" it's Ἰησοῦς (Iesous). Then if you look up the Greek name for "Jesus" it also Ἰησοῦς (Iesous). The last I checked "Jesus" is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT NAME FROM "Joshua"!! Now how is it possible for two completely different names be the same in Greek? Couple this with the fact that "Yeshua" was NOT born of a Virgin birth nor Was "Yeshua" born on December 25th ACCORDING TO THE HEBREW BIBLE!! SERAPIS CHRISTOS

















Serapis ChristusNow how did Joshua AKA Yeshua all of a sudden become Jesus? Furthermore, where did this name "Jesus" come from? The key to this question is the obvious elephant in the room...THE GREEKS!! It's a fact that the Greeks worshiped Zeus!! It's also a fact that the Romans also worshiped Zeus. The Romans referred to Zeus as Jupiter!! The Greeks and Romans ruled Egypt!! FACTS!!  It's also a fact that the Greeks converted Egyptian Gods into Greek Gods. One of the Egyptian Gods the Greeks converted was the Egyptian God Osirus!! The Greeks converted Osirus into Serapis Christus!! Serapis Christus was, in fact, a Christ figure with "Christus" actually meaning "Christ'. This Christ figure named Serapis was later converted to Zeus who the Romans later Converted into Jupiter. To make a long story short...The Greeks created Serapis...Serapis later became Zeus...Zeus became Jupiter. Add in the fact that it was the Greeks who translated the Hebrew becomes quite clear how this name "Iesous" came about! "Iesous" is in reality "ZEUS"!! Je-SUS is in reality Je-ZEUS!! Jesus was obviously an invented name therefore who invented the name "Jesus"? The Chief suspect would be King James considering the fact that he translated the Greek Bible into English. It's quite obvious that the letter "J" was taken from the Roman name "Jupiter" and combined with the greek name "Zeus" and VOILA YOU HAVE "J-ZUES" which now today is "JE-ZEUS' or "JESUS"!! Therefore when you worship Jesus you're in reality worshipping Zeus!!

We know this to be true considering the fact that Yeshua was born in October NOT in December nor was Yeshua born of a Virgin!! Once again the Greeks ripped off the Egyptians!! The Egyptian God Horus was born of a Virgin on December, 25th. This explains where the Greeks, Romans, and King James came up with Je-ZEUS being born of a virgin on December, 25th. Then throw in the fact that the almighty Father Osirus who was the father of Horus later got converted into Serapis who later became Zeus who later became Je-ZEUS AKA Jesus. This explains the ridiculous statement the Church makes when they claim the holy trinity where the Father and Son are the SAME!! Therefore JESUS is a Complete and utter FRAUD!! Now today you have a Billion-Dollar Brand called "Jesus"!! There you have it in the nutshell!! The World is Full of Suckers getting shafted for Billions upon Billions of Dollars in hopes of staying out of hell's fire and receiving some "pie in the sky" Called Heaven!! SMH!!